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We are a family owned business who manufactures prepared vegetables, retail veg, dressed salads, mayonnaise, tray bakes and dressings, based in Yorkshire. We specialise in short shelf life, highly perishable products requiring extremely responsive and flexible manufacturing and delivery schedules to fulfil our customers'​ requirements. We are proud of our heritage and our roots.

Mayonnaise & Dips

Our mayo manufacturing facility is based at our Hunslet Manufacturing facility and we can make our mayo in various sizes and quantities required.

From 2 litre buckets, through to pallecons, our customers can have their requirement.

We can match any specification you currently work to, or you can.


We freshly prepare our prepared salads, making them a satisfying addition to your food to go and barbeque and salads range.

We provide two types of ranges for our customers, own label, whereby we can match any specification you have or we can develop a showcase of market innovations to showcase products for us to make through to the end for your business.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more 'food ready' product, then you can select from our own brand of salads products, being the S:A:L:A:D:S brand. Sold in many retailers throughout the UK, we can cater to the individual size you require for your shelves.


Our Freshly prepared vegetables can be made to order within 24 hours for bulk order and are made for a range of customers throughout the UK.

With our own fleet of vehicles we can deliver your products to you direct.

A range of slices, dices and cuts available with any vegetable. Our onsite vegetable sourcing specialists can source the most exotic of vegetables to process ready for your requirements.

Our Technical expertise allow for us to stringently manage the shelf life of your chosen products in order to be able to deliver a quality product to you.

We also process and make bagged retail, ready-to-cook Vegetables both for own label customers throughout the UK and via our own brand V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E:S.

Ready to roast vegetables, such as goose fat roast potatoes, winter roast vegetables, Mediterranean summer roast veg.

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